How to maintain a good client relationship

From a designer’s perspective, working with clients can be a challenge in figuring out what are the best ways to maintain a good client relationship. Over the past four years I’ve had a lot of experience in working with multiple clients with a wide array of needs. There is a lot to consider when you work with any client in making sure they are comfortable working with you during the course of the project. Here are some tips in order to keep a good client relationship:

Communication – First off, it’s always good to have open communication between a client and yourself. You need to ask questions to make sure everything is clear; working together is important to achieve a better overall final product. When speaking on technical terms, make sure that you speak on their level to be able to understand each other. Having clear terminology helps the design process in the long run.

Collaboration – In starting off a project, include them in the brainstorming process. Think of things that they would need in a project and sketch out ideas for them to see visually. Having a good project plan is essential and writing down all things that they would need when discussing the project during the initial meetings is a good way to start off the relationship. It’s good to ask and think about  other deliverables they would need in order to have a complete package.

Organization – It is very important that you stay organized when you are working with a client. When you keep a record of all notes throughout the project and to make sure the project is moving along when meeting deadlines. It also helps to show your professionalism with keeping track of the project schedule.

Professionalism – It’s always great to be as professional as possible when working on a project. Checking in with your client to ask if there is anything else that needs to be done helps show you have great initiative. It’s good to be on-time or early for client meetings as well as being fully prepared to show your progress. When presenting your work, it’s always good not to take their feedback personally. It is always better to take it as constructive criticism in order to create a product that you are both are happy with in the end.

Preparation – Being prepared for meetings is a necessity in a good working relationship. Making sure you have a clear presentation of what you wish to show your client is good for them to be able to understand what they are looking at, instead of having distractions surrounding your work. By having a good understanding of the decisions you make while designing and being able to explain your process, it will enforce your credibility as a designer.

With each client you have to cater to their needs. Make sure you complete all projects on the best of terms as possible. Making sure they are happy with what you produce together makes a better overall product. Once your project is finished, it can be the start of a good working partnership for future projects with any client. Remember to always keep communication clear and be professional.

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