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Kickshaws Downtown Market

Kickshaws is an all natural and organic grocery store providing the best locally sourced produce, goods and great natural products you can’t find locally in Fredericksburg, VA.


Kickshaws Downtown Market approached to collaborate with them on coming up with a more refined brand experience and website after receiving a lot of interest during their participation in Startup Weekend Fredericksburg.

Establishing the core brand elements which have been maintained throughout the business have given Kickshaws the look they needed to establish the tone of what they are selling to local customers. Designing the business collateral including business cards and postcards helped grow their audience in who they are, what they provide and brand promises which are key for them to uphold.

When the physical market expanded into a kitchen we were tasked to brand the space. That challenge was focused on making a simplistic logo that married well with the main brand to have the same aesthetic.


Understanding Kickshaw’s target market was important in creating a brand experience that reflected the idea of being grassroots and buying locally. Once the brand was established we shared various website ideas to the client and decided upon a WordPress solution. The website needed a place where Kickshaws could blog as well as display their products in order to drive visitors to their new store.

Throughout the last year we have been working closely with Kickshaws and providing support on social media strategy and various local event collateral materials. With events such as ‘PiggyPalooza’ and their ‘Zero Waste’ campaigns we created graphics for them to utilize on print and social channels.

With the chosen WordPress theme implement we carried that brand to the website to flesh out the tone to make a functioning website to direct their customers to inform them of what kinds of products they carry, what dietary needs they do and don’t cover, and how they carry their perishable products.


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