Branding,UX,Visual Design for EventsYeah!


EventsYeah! is an event landing page platform for users that want to showcase a specific cause or event to share with friends, family or colleagues.


Vanguard Ideation helped shape the new experience, brand and overall design look for EventsYeah! The goal was to try to look as unique in comparison to GoFundMe and EventBrite without it being to dissimilar in the Event space. What Vanguard envisioned to capture was a brand that had energy but didn’t skew too young and all ages would find the site useful.


The process for the site involved with the creation of the project was to assess the current state of assets including a rudimentary website, a logo, and the companies vision to have a bolder look to the brand overall. We started off with updating the brand look with several iterations and came up with modern brand that had flexibility with the color scheme.

Once the brand was established we moved on to developing the site. We broke it up into two phases. The first being the marketing side of the site that new customers will see and the second being the back end user interface that users would interact with. There was a lot of User Experience design done to draw out the best plan to layout the content for users to click through the site easily.

Once the visual design was set for both, the assets were handed off to EventsYeah to develop the full site which is currently live.