Motioning Towards What’s to Come

As graphic designers, we’re expected to know what looks good and what doesn’t, regardless of the field it’s categorized under. Motion graphics are no exception to this. Even if a video is beautifully animated, a large design flaw, for example poorly chosen typography, can cause the entire presentation to suffer.

Video production artists don’t always know the basics of aesthetics like we designers do. It’s important to have someone who knows what looks good, and can advise the creator on aspects such as typography, composition, and layout.

One of the most challenging things about learning motion design is that it requires a new way of thinking. It differs from print design in that rather than designing on a static page, you’re working in a three- dimensional space. You need to take into account planes, cameras, movement, and other aspects that aren’t present in other design work.

If you’re frustrated by learning these new concepts, think of it as training for a triathlon. If you already trained your body for running, you have also practiced the cardiovascular endurance required for swimming. There are new techniques to learn, but ultimately you’ll be prepared to learn them with ease. If you already have the fundamentals of design in place, translating them to motion design will be easy.

In all, motion design is a valuable skill to learn. It will show that you have a good sense of design and that you’re able to apply your knowledge to different mediums. With web and app designers in high demand, you need to be a versatile designer to master the required skills. Knowledge of motion design will help you learn this, and look great on your resume to boot.

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