DLC13: Co-Op Play for Game Dev’rs and Gamers

We recently sponsored DLC13, an event down in New Orleans created by Kyle Whittington from Boxworld Games and Joe Corbett from Random Nerds, in which they brought together game developers, designers and gamers in the first of a series of DLC events called DLC13: Co-Op Play for Game Dev’rs and Gamers. The event provided a space where developers could provide insight into the creation of their games and giving gamers a chance to test them out as well.

The organizers also provided all sorts of prizes including PS3 and Wii U bundles, and OUYAs for the attendees, however, there was a catch—they had to compete for them! The event got such an amazing turnout that they had to turn people away!


Vanguard Ideation worked closely with DLC13 organizers to brand the event. We ended up taking a retro NES themed approach that gamers can easily identify with. Our inspiration came from old NES cartridge illustrations like the iconic Super Mario Bros. cover. 3 versions of the logo were made and used for the event’s promotion materials and stickers.

The final product can be seen on our projects page and our Behance page here.

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