Infographics,Visual Design for Center for Innovative Technology

CIT Annual Report

The Center of Innovation Technology needed to visually update its annual report for the year of 2014 with Graphics and Data Visualization to better display the information.


The Center for Innovative Technology reached out to Vanguard Ideation to collaborate with them to design their annual report. Tt was decided to also create this as an infographic layout. The infographic needed to include what CIT worked on for the new Virginia economy in 2014 as well as highlighting what each of their five branches worked on during the past year.


Several pre-planning meetings took place as we discussed what each section of the infographic would cover and we discussed was on how to equally represent each of the five CIT branches. We set up a color scheme for each branch’s section that matched their logos as well as updating the typography style from the previous year. It was key to be able to fit all of the information on a two-sided 11×17 document as well as creating a separate powerpoint presentation to distribute at stakeholder meetings. One of the main challenges was keeping up with the content changes the client provided as the final deadline approached. We were able to stay on top of the various edits and maintaining a creative balance between the worded content and illustrations. The end product was handed off successfully and received praise from various executives including the VP of Marketing and CEO at CIT.